Top 4 Mistakes Parents Make When Seeking Orthodontic Treatment for Their Kids

1.       Waiting too long for an orthodontic examination.  Many people including dental professionals think that all the baby teeth need to be gone prior to seeing the orthodontist.  The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children receive an orthodontic evaluation by age 7.  The reason for this is that there are conditions that if identified early can prevent damage and make future treatment easier.  It can even prevent the need for removal of permanent teeth and jaw surgery.

2.       Accepting an orthodontic treatment plan you are not comfortable with.  Orthodontic treatment is not an exact science.  There are many acceptable ways to treat an orthodontic problem and the plan that you will be presented with will depend on the office you go to.  If you are not comfortable with the plan that your doctor recommends it is a good idea to seek a second opinion.

3.       Only going to the office that accepts your insurance.  This goes along with #2.  You have to take into consideration the treatment plan that you are presented with, the location of the office and the policies of the office.  If you are presented with a plan requiring removal of permanent teeth and you have to drive a long distance to the office that accepts your insurance, it may make more sense to be treated in an office that is more convenient.

4.       Doing early treatment without a clear goal.  There are many instances where doing early orthodontic treatment (treatment prior to loss of all the baby teeth) is a good idea. This treatment is usually done to correct specific problems that can’t wait until all of the permanent teeth are in. It will not guarantee that full braces won’t be needed in the future.  It should be a short period of treatment to fix the specific problem that needs correction now.  A lack of clear goals can lead to early treatment that can drag on for years that results in a burned out patient.