Ortho-Friendly Lunch Tips

For most new brace wearers, the food restrictions can be tricky to get used to but are necessary to avoid any damage to the brackets and wires.  Most of the foods off limits are too hard or sticky for braces but others can be modified to eat while wearing braces.  Foods such as apples and raw carrots are a bit hard but if cut into small pieces are ok to eat.  Back to school can prove to be a challenge when packing your child’s lunch, especially if they are new to wearing braces.  We’ve come up with some great brace friendly snack ideas to help make back to school a little less stressful.

¨ Cheese Sticks

¨ Bananas

¨ Yogurt

¨ Jell-O

¨ Fruit Cups

¨ Pudding

¨ Applesauce

¨ Nutri-grain Bars

The staples like PB&J; and lunchmeat are safe for braces as well.  Other lunch options include macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, casseroles, etc.  Pizzas is ok, but steer clear of the crust if it’s extremely crunchy to avoid any damage.  When it comes to beverages, do your best to limit sugary drinks such as soda, Gatorade and juice to once a day. 

If possible, try to brush your teeth after lunch to remove any food debris.  If you’re not able to brush, drink some water after eating to help wash away any food that may have gotten in your teeth.  Follow the food restrictions and you’ll avoid any emergency visits to the orthodontist and be out of braces in no time!