How to get your braces off in HALF the time

I’m sure you weren’t always thinking – I can’t wait until I can get braces.  It’s not exactly exciting to think about having a mouth full of metal or plastic for a couple of years.  Sure, some people can’t wait to get braces and create their perfect smile but most aren’t as thrilled initially.  So, what if you could get them off in half the time? 

Accelerated orthodontics is no longer a hope for the future, it’s here now!  AcceleDent® is leading the way in accelerating the orthodontic process by as much as 50%.  The AcceleDent® Aura is a lightweight, hands-complimentary oral device that uses soft pulse technology to transmit safe micropulses through the roots of the teeth to the surrounding bone.  In order for your teeth to become straight and stay straight your teeth and the roots of your teeth need to move.  It takes several months for the fibers called periodontal ligaments that hold your teeth in place to adjust to a new position.  Using AcceleDent in addition to orthodontic treatment speeds up the rate at which teeth can move.  The appliance has been proven to accelerate tooth movement anywhere from 30% to 50%.  Imagine getting your braces off in just half the time your orthodontist estimated all by using a hands-complimentary device for a mere 20 minutes each day.  You could practically do that in your sleep, well almost, you can’t actually use the appliance while sleeping but you can use it while watching TV, doing homework, texting, pretty much anything!

Using AcceleDent® is easy, simply bite down on the attached mouthpiece just hard enough to hold it in your mouth without using your hands and push the button to start the gentle micropulses.  It will automatically run for the allotted 20 minutes of recommended daily use.  Wearing the device for longer than 20 minutes each day is not recommended and has not been shown to further accelerate tooth movement.

See how easy AcceleDent® is to use here.

Not only does AcceleDent® help you get your braces off faster, it can also help with the pain and discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment.  Many patients have reported that using the appliance on adjustment days reduces discomfort from tooth movement by braces.  Less pain and faster results are a winning combination for orthodontic wearers.

Are you ready to accelerate your orthodontic treatment?