Foods to Avoid to Prevent Tooth Staining

Want to keep your pearly whites looking their best and brightest?  There are some everyday foods and drinks you should limit in order to prevent staining of your teeth.  Check out the list below to see what culprits could be discoloring your teeth without your knowledge.

· Coffee

· Tea

· Soda

· Sports Drinks

· Wine

· Grape Juice

· Cranberry Juice

· Blackberries

· Blueberries

· Beets

· Tomato Sauce

To reduce staining from beverages, drink through a straw to limit the amount of contact it has with your teeth.  If possible, rinse your mouth with water after consuming to wash away the remaining sugars that could lead to staining and decay.  Brushing your teeth after eating or drinking is the most effective way to reduce staining from these foods and beverages.