Chronic Headache & Migraine Relief

If you suffer from chronic headaches, migraines or clicking and popping of the jaw, the end could be in sight in as little as 8 weeks. There’s a new therapy available that helps target trigger points and pain associated with chronic headaches, migraines and TMJ.

You’re probably asking yourself why an orthodontist would provide pain relief therapy. Believe it or not, your symptoms could be caused by having an improper bite or dental force. An improper bite means that your teeth are misaligned or that you apply more force on certain sides of your mouth when biting down to chew. Having an improper bite can lead to referred pain in other areas of your head and neck and could be causing your headaches and migraines.

In some cases treating the improper bite with an oral appliance such as a splint or with braces can assist in drastically reducing the amount of pain you have. Once braces or splint therapy are completed, headache therapy may no longer be necessary.

A thorough diagnosis will be performed by our highly trained staff to get you on your way to living a more comfortable lifestyle.

A simple Bite Force Analysis is the first step to a better quality of life. This technology determines the pressure exerted by each individual tooth and verifies whether or not your bite is imbalanced and contributing to your pain. The second step is a Range of Motion Analysis to measure any abnormal or restricted motion in the head and neck to narrow down a treatment plan that will work best to help your symptoms.

If the analysis shows an improper bite and restricted movement, therapy will be recommended. Treatments range from 8-12 weeks in length and combine splint therapy, muscle therapy, microcurrent therapy and a cold laser to relax muscles and reduce pain. All therapy is drug complimentary and needle complimentary. If you currently suffer from migraines, chronic headaches, tinnitus (ringing of the ears) or TMJ, these treatments can change the way your body responds to the triggers that cause you pain.

Are you ready to start living more comfortably?