Back to School Tips

As the summer comes to an end and school begins again, many children may be showing off more than new clothes to their friends.  Summer is the most popular season for children/teens to begin orthodontic treatment.  Summer gives kids the perfect amount of time to adjust to their new braces or aligners.  New routines such as eating restrictions, using floss threaders and changing aligners on a weekly basis can be a challenge to get used to.  Here are some handy tips to incorporate into your school routine that will keep you on track with your orthodontic treatment.

· Pack a travel toothbrush kit to freshen up after lunchtime and remove any food debris that gets stuck between your brackets

· Use orthodontic wax for any irritation caused by your braces

· Use an emery board to file any jagged edges of your aligners that cause irritation

· Rinse your aligners with lukewarm water after lunch and brush your teeth if possible to remove any food debris

· Store your aligners in their case while eating lunch to avoid throwing them in the trash accidentally

· Follow the food restrictions given by your orthodontist to avoid any broken wires or brackets

· Wear a mouth guard when playing sports to avoid any damage to your teeth  (just make sure it’s ortho friendly)

Have a happy school year!